Ensure Public Safety

We need to invest more in public safety to reduce response times and increase neighborhood patrols
Get more Neighbors involved in Neighborhood Watch, I will ensure that there are leads in each Community and make sure their voices are heard, Invest in our neighborhoods by ensuring that every community has robust programming and resources for youth and adults. Communities need public spaces to gather together and thrive.
Invest in technology: While governments often try and make do with existing systems, often delaying investments in technology infrastructure because of the expense, they might want to reconsider this approach. Given the price of crime to our economy public safety management technology is one investment that can save a government money.
The pandemic came on so quickly that school districts and families have been forced to make rapid changes, not only to our everyday lives, but also to the way our children learn. Many districts are transitioning to remote learning as an alternative approach to closing schools completely. With more devices entering your home, I will ensure that schools make sure that cybersecurity efforts are strong, that all kids know how to stay safe online.
City Council needs to work very closely with CRPD to make sure that Parks are safe.